​As a practitioner, I tune into the direction and quality of the lymphatic flow so I can achieve a more precise outcome. The results of this treatment  can be profound. Our lymphatic system is complex. Lymph vessels and nodes work to maintain a healthy immune system and to detoxify the body. Lymph effectiveness can be locally hindered temporarily in cases of surgery, trauma, infection, burns, fatigue, stress and age. Lymph drainage is a very specific, precise stimulation of Lymph Nodes and Vessels by a hands on technique similar to massage but more specific to the exact anatomy and function of the lymphatic system. 

Kathleen customizes the body work I receive based on my needs at the time. I want lymphatic drainage as a preventative measure against cancer and other illnesses. She combines several modalities for me depending on my need. When my sinuses flare she does amazing things with the lymph that is immediately effective .


Kathleen is very personal and professional. I always feel comfortable with her. The lymph work is very calming and gives remarkable results.

J. Guyon

Client Testimonials

I have survived bladder cancer. When Kathleen works on me I feel as though I am enveloped in the security of pure caring compassion; she is with me body and soul. Her hands gently traverse an invisible roadmap of lymph. Slowly I become aware of a kind of subtle vibration, and walk away with a feeling of wellness. It is one of the many things I do to help my body heal and to prevent reoccurrence of the cancer. 

Irene Heck

I would highly recommend Kathleen’s services if you’ve had an injury or illness and are experiencing painful swelling or inflammation.  After breaking my tibia plateau in several pieces with a skiing injury, Kathleen’s lymph drainage helped alleviate the painful swelling around my knee.  She has an incredible knowledge of the body’s lymph system.  Just weeks after my injury, she was able to massage the back of my knee where my bone was broken in several pieces to gently massage the lymph nodes to reduce swelling.  Not only was her touch pain free, but it felt good!  While doctors and physical therapists often rush through exams and appointments, Kathleen takes the time to listen to your concerns and provide holistic and calming treatments that help speed up the healing process and make it less painful.


Kathleen is a true healer which is a rare find in this day and age. She radiates humble love in service to helping her clients heal. After her treatments I feel like a new person.

Ayla Sarnoff

I have studied lymph drainage for 10 years with French MD, Bruno Chikly. The science of the lymphatic system excited  and inspired me. The lymph is a healer and a protector from disease. After being in practice for 13 years I moved to New York City and had opportunity to study the Vodder method with Michael Alatriste.
Doctor Chikly  built his work on  the foundation of the Vodder school of thought.

These teachers gave me and understanding of the science of lymph drainage.  I was then instructed more intimately by every patient and condition that comes to my office. My skill set consists of manual lymph drainage for the whole body, including organs, bones, eyes, ears, and mouth. In case of lymphedema, I bandage and fit for garments.

Kathleen incorporates two principles in facilitating healing in her patients. Kathleen listens. I was experiencing eye problems, a fuzziness and inability to focus and see. Kathleen activated the lymph in my eyes and the surrounding area. Topically, her work was soothing, my eyes cleared and could focus with greater clarity. She activated my bodies healing system. Kathleen is knowledgeable, informative and intuitive in her attentiveness toward the patient. She brings a lot of experience to her work.




The Lymph is a Healer & Protector from Disease


Kathleen's touch is gentle and yet her work goes deep. The lymph work was especially effective after a sinus infection that left pain in my teeth making me think I had a cavity. After X-rays the dentist let me know it was just the sinuses in my gums that were the cause of the pain.