Preventative & Therapeutic

​Lymph Drainage Therapy is beneficial for lymphedema, edemas, heavy limbs, pre and post surgical procedures, burns, broken bones, chronic pain, sinusitis, bronchitis, fibromyalgia, stress, cosmetic surgeries, and general health and wellness.

Lymph Drainage

Stimulate the flow of lymph to relieve swelling and improve health



Lymph Drainage is beneficial for immune system stimulation and known for its preventative and therapeutic effects. It is helpful for prevention and treatment of various health concerns. 

Profound Results

 Lymph drainage helps the lymph system move at it's optimal rate. This gentle and effective treatment moves stagnant lymphatic fluid in your body, removes bodily waste, removes toxins, and is extremely non-invasive and safe.

​Access the healer within through lymph drainage therapy. 

Pre and Post Surgeries

Prepare your body ahead of surgery and recover faster and more easily 


Relax. Rejuvenate.



Detoxifying & Cleansing

The health of your body depends on the health of your cells, which in turn depends on the quality of lymph circulation. Your lymphatic system is filtering and removing waste products from your body. It is also delivering white blood cells to areas that need them for healing.

Wrapping for Lymphedema

Short stretch bandages keep the lymph moving freely